Home Sweet Home

Despite the pesky lymphedema, this has been a successful week of FBC treatment (Silver Lining), completing 20% of my radiation sessions.

It was so wonderful – absolutely extraordinary, actually – to come home to the HOTY, Finally Five and Buzz today.  Words cannot describe my peace and joy, but perhaps photos can.


A freshly laid egg. So fresh, in fact, that it was WARM!


The Hen that laid Finally Five's egg. She came roaring out of her hen house.


White roses are everywhere at home!


So are pink ones. Heaven.


A happy Buzz


Kumquats. I'm not a big fan of their taste, but they are so pretty!


Peace – that was the other name for home.

~Kathleen Norris


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  1. ginny simon says

    words cannot describe how your words effect me as I sit here reading your blog with the tears streaming down, you teach with every blog the beauty of the everyday.
    Love you so Hollye-