Life is an Adventure

The HOTY and I are on our way to San Francisco for a second opinion on radiation therapy.  Whether to do it. Where to do it. How much to do.

As I mentioned, it’s very important to get consulting – ideally corroborating – opinions when developing a plan of care. So, here we are.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, the Silver Lining is that I’m finally feeling a bit of that humanness that I’ve been missing for so, so long. As a result, we  are planning to bookend the day with an art gallery and a museum.  Why not make it an Adventure?  Heaven knows I need some eye candy!

Speaking of eye candy, I was inspired by the clouds above and the beauty of the earth below on our flight. That’s what FBC does: it makes you stare out a window…and see loveliness.

The clouds were pure magic.


The green of the earth was incredibly vibrant and full of life.


Silver Linings are everywhere. All you have to do is look.


I saw the following quote as a bumper sticker on the side of an RV.  It always makes me smile.  Hope your day is filled with Silver Linings!

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