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  1. Iris Goldman says

    I had an unusually bad migraine today and spent most of the day in bed in spite of several attempts to get up. As dinner hour approached, I gave myself a good talking to and thought of you, Hollye. "Damn it," I said to myself. "If Hollye can run a freakin' half marathon after what she has so recently been through, you can get up and cook something nutritious for your family – it can be easy peasy." I did and I'm so glad. I thought I should let you know. You are an inspiration. Thanks, too, to the Huffington Post for cluing me in to your blog.

    • Brookside Buzz says

      Dear Iris,
      Thank you so very much for your note. You're so right: dinner can indeed be easy peasy. I made a dinner tonight that tasted as if I slaved for hours, when in reality it took a whopping 14 minutes! Hee! Hee!
      I sure hope that your head feels better! Migraines are the worst.
      Thank you again for your note. It gave me a gigantic smile!

  2. Stina says

    You have worked so hard to be at this point… I know you will absolutely make the most of it. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful run. X0

  3. Mary Beth says

    Ability, motivation and attitude – you have them all. Sending you wishes for a cool wind at your back this morning!