Saturday Snapshots

Despite yet another rough round of chemo resulting in yet another nausea-filled week (come to think of it, I’m having a hard time remembering anything, much less what it’s like to feel healthy)…combined with some difficult decision-making, lots of Silver Linings have come my way.

I’ve actually heard some people say that “cancer is a gift” (and then follow it up with something like “because I’ve learned so much”).  I can’t come close to saying that breast cancer is a gift.  No.  Not a chance.  I can, however, say that I am full of gratitude for a newfound awareness and presence.

I’ve realized that although I have a ridiculous (adverse) sensitivity to chemo, I also have a new and wonderfully heightened sensitivity to sights, smells and sounds (the taste sense was a casualty of chemo).  I notice things.  I pay attention.  I walk slower.  I take photographs. These are the Silver Linings of  my experience with FBC.

So many kind people have offered different ginger remedies for my incessant nausea. This is the first one that has WORKED!


They are from Chinatown in Los Angeles. What a Silver Lining to the week!



A rooster who was NOT happy with my visit!



A spectacular Santa Barbara Silver-Lined sunset. No, I did not photoshop the colors into this.



Pretty Purple Blooms at the Four Seasons Biltmore



One of my most prized possessions is this set of 1st Edition Jane Austen books.



The HOTY and I bought these in London a gazillion years ago and I still drool when I look at them.



I was talking with a friend today about the possibility of being in two places at one time. Perhaps this is how it is done! Though contemplating physics, meta- or otherwise before noon (and without a cocktail!) does not seem wise.



The HOTY and Finally Five watching a Silver Lining Movie, holding feet (instead of hands).



The roses are ginormous. They grow in spite of my efforts!



Finally Five's Happy Feet


Wishing you a Silver-Lined Day!


Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

~Robert Brault


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  1. Nancy says

    Hi Ms Hollye!
    Check your mail box. I'm off to La Casa de Maria today. I'm sending over a few of my favorite ginger items…
    Love those ginger chews! I have a ginger essence that I travel with..I put it in hot water and voila! Hot ginger tea….
    Are you a chai gal ? I have the chai essence as well..peppermint…cinnamon …
    I am finally almost back from India. I still have a foot in both worlds. Cannot WAIT to go with you and Marls to I ndia. Hhmm..forgot to tell either one of you… But we are going to India.
    Look forward to BB everyday and feel we have a wonderful chat daily.
    Play next week?
    Xoxo N

  2. nina appel says

    Hollye, as so many others have do doubt told you, when you are feeling better you must publish a book with all the blogs you have sent, and of course, all your wonderful S.L.'s as an inspiration to others. Your hard-won insights prompt all of us to look more for our own S.L.'s and to appreciate each day as it comes.

    You are truly wonderful. Much love.

  3. Merryl says

    Who on this earth is more F-ing adorable than you?! Love this post HFJ!! Such wonderful photos. Impressive! Need a fix – let's play this weekend! Save me a few ginger chews- those look good!

  4. Caron says

    Holding feet! How delightful. Thank you for sharing and be so wonderful. (Going back to bed for an hour to hold feet with Rom.)