Sunday Silver Linings

For the past few days, in addition to being nauseous 24/7, I have been irrational with intermittent periods of inexplicable grumpiness. Additionally, Chemo Sobby has been lurking around every other corner, or so it seems. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that my brain has all but ceased functioning! FBC. FBC. FBC.

Every time I feel like I hit the pit of chemo despair I find a Silver Lining. Every single time it is a SL that brings me back and makes me smile. Gives me perspective.

This weekend, my SL was a beautiful wedding.  I love weddings. Always have.  I adore everything about them: the joy, the love, the energy, the beauty. In my opinion, every wedding is beautiful. And this one was extraordinary!

There were two exceptional “Aha” moments presented by the Minister during the ceremony (Yes, I took notes, because I can’t remember anything!):

  1. Happy Marriages are made not found.
  2. Love asks:  What can I do for you today?

How about those for Silver Linings? This year, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I will celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  Twelve years into our relationship, I can say that these two statements are spot on.

Our marriage is uniquely outstanding…because we work on it.  We work very hard.  We talk. We listen. We give space. We hold on.  We laugh. We cry. (Then, we laugh again.) We calm. We excite. We respect, encourage and support one another. We make our marriage. This is how we rolled before FBC and will continue long after FBC.

The HOTY has been asking “What can I do for you today?” all day, everyday which is more frequently than I have been asking lately.  I have felt guilty about this for a long time (I am Catholic after all and it comes with the territory).  I have felt like I wasn’t carrying my weight.  Like I was a bad wife.  However, every time I went (ok, sometimes I still go) there, the HOTY brings me back.  He is my Silver Lining in so many ways, for so many reasons.

As I watched these two remarkable people marry today, my hope for them is that they make their marriage, do for each other…and always look for Silver Linings.



This photo was taken from Kishinev, so I couldn't capture the details of the bride's dress, but it was magnificent!


The Groom and all of the Groomsmen wore these black Converse sneakers. They looked very chic (and comfy!).


On my way home, more signs of spring and another surprise SL:  a Mom and Foal having a late afternoon snack. I nearly leapt from the (moving) car to see them.  There is nothing like a Momma and her baby. At least I think it was her baby.  They sure acted like it, though I guess I don’t know for sure. (See what I mean about the crazy talk in my head?)

Momma and Foal


Hiding Foal


Fully hidden Foal. I could see only one leg just under Momma's head. I have no idea how she did this.


There she is!


The following Corinthians passage is a frequent flier at weddings.  Probably because it is so phenomenal and impressionable. For me, it has always been the SL to a wedding.  I never, ever tire of it. Hope you continue to enjoy it – even outside of a wedding.


– Corinthians.

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  1. Amy Macfarlane says

    Ah Hollye;

    The letter from Paul to the Corinthians is the very best, and thank you for reminding all of us that it is true and never trite.

    These Words, like love, will NEVER fail.

    I love that you live on grace and shower it on your dear hubby. It will come back to you in downpours.

    You all continue to be in my prayers.

    MUCH love,

  2. Carrie Riley says

    I love that quote from Corinthians. There is nothing worth celebrating more than love. My guilt (being Jewish, is comes naturally for me as well:) at how my disability has weighed on our family, is something I struggle with…and the vows we take on our wedding day, "in sickness and in health" is the true test of the substance of our relationships with our partners. What a blessing to know your love is so much deeper, in fact profoundly deepened, by the shared experience of navigating our way back to health. Yet another SL you've helped us all reflect upon, my dear Hollye.

  3. says

    I just received an invitation to my cousins wedding (to a woman he dated when they were in their early teens he is almost 50 now). He told me this was going to be an unconventional wedding, that he and his groomsmen were going to be wearing black and white converse high tops :-)

    He is over the moon in love and makes my heart sing for him and his bride to be. I share your sentiments!

    Sending you love and warm Texas sunshine!

  4. nina appel says

    Dearest Hollye,

    You are incredible. We all love you, and stand in awe of your courage and your spirit. Thinking of you and may this time pass quickly, and get you back to your S.L.'s only. All best to the HOTY as well.