The New York Experience

I write this on my way home from New York after what can only be described as a quintessential New York experience. I’m still pinching myself, actually. I have never been one to take things in life for granted. Additionally, my hospice work taught me that nothing (including tomorrow) is guaranteed. Here’s the thing, post-FBC is I have a newfound, palpable delight in the excitement that can be found in everyday life, from the unique color of a morning sunrise to unplanned circumstances that I could never have imagined. I was certainly reminded of that on this trip.

The reason for the trip was to have meetings for an exciting new project & path on which I am embarking. I’ll tell you about it asap. However, the Silver Lining was that I was able to add the 3 F’s to the trip: Friends, Fun and Fashion.

The trip began with a cozy, post snowstorm visit with my dear friend and fellow blogger, Frances Schultz. Then I had dinner with my good friend, designer Lyn Devon at the Carlyle, one of my absolute fave spots. I also had the great opportunity to learn more about one of my all-time favorite books, Anti-Cancer. The fashion fun included a tour of David Webb’s new atelier on Madison Avenue which happens to be majorly drool inducing. I also had the opportunity to see Lyn Devon‘s fall 2013 collection which I looooove.

Additional fashion Silver Linings include seeing both the Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera fashion shows. Holy Moly. More pinching. And goosebumps. Details to come, but the ultimate Silver Lining is always – always – coming home to my family, including beloved Buzz because there’s really no other place in the world that makes me happier.






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  1. Tamera Beardsley says

    Thank you for sharing about your fabulous trip! I can't wait to see and hear more about it! Lyn Devon's quote on elegance is spot on… and you illustrated it with chic perfection!

  2. Kim C says

    Wow! Thanksf or sharing such an amazing week, Hollye! I look forward to hearing more about the new path! I agree that no matter where we've been and what we've done, home always feels good!!

  3. says

    Hollye, what a winning trifecta: friends, fun, and fashion! What an extra silver lining to have lunch at the Carlyle with Lyn Devon, plus viewing her 2013 collection during New York's fashion week. Her designs are simple and elegant and would look good in your closet, might I add. Also exciting were the Herrera and de la Renta shows you got to see.

    We are having our own Omaha fashion week starting March 2, and there will be a Cancer Survivor Style Show that evening. I am looking forward to it as a friend of mine is in it.

    • says

      Indeed! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Goosebumps the whole time.
      Oh my gosh, your event sounds amazing. So so great! Look forward to hearing about it.