Time to Go Home

After a wonderful time in Aspen, it is time to go H-O-M-E to Santa Barbara.

Ahhh, after 6+ weeks, saying that out loud is music to my ears!

It has been an incredible trip to Aspen, meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with familiar ones (notice: I did NOT say “old” friends!).

Thanks to the Aspen mountains, my muscles are reengaged with my body.  Thanks to the Aspen Ideas Festival, my mind and spirit are stimulated (descriptive posts to follow…). Big Silver Linings here!

I’m so grateful for the healing experience that has taken place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Now, it is time to continue the rebuilding, regrowth and regeneration in Santa Barbara.




We only part to meet again.

~John Gay

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  1. Nancy says

    Ahh….I understand,sistah….
    We are heading home early from our Aspen summer…I miss the dolphins!
    Lets download the Ideas Fest while eating some of Mollies delicious soup!

  2. Mary Beth says

    Glorious image here – brain, muscles and spirit reintegrating amidst family, friends and majestic mountains!