Where in the World?


Next week, the HOTY and I are going on an outrageously amazing Silver Lined adventure…I am beyond excited about it!  Below is a little teaser…three cities…can you take three guesses? Details to follow…

* All images are via Tumblr. If you know to whom I can give credit, please let me know!

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  1. Laura Podrasky says

    Hi! I spent my last summer of college in Moscow and St. Petersburg, I lived there six weeks. It was the best ever! It was in 1994 so right after they were trying democracy. The food is good and fresh, the sites are amazing!!! You will enjoy it!! Make sure to have lots of room for photos!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Patricia Harkness says

    Saint Petersburg is absolutely lovely! We were there a couple of years ago on a Viking Cruise. The Hermitage is magnificant, churches amazing, and the castles are amazing. I could go on and on; but, you will absolutely LOVE it!



  3. Nancy Melhorn says

    I have been to all three wonderful cities… Was at Red Square on May Day about 25 years ago.. An experience of a life time.. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Victoria says

    I'm guessing Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg. All fantastic cities, although I haven't been to the last two since the wall came down. I would love to visit the Hermitage again. Have a fantastic time!