Afternoon Matinee with the Iron Lady and St. Francis of Assisi

Yesterday, the HOTY (a/k/a Husband of the Year to new readers) and I were completely decadent: we went to an afternoon matinee to see The Iron Lady.  Wowsy bowsy. It is one of those films that had me thinking about it well into today, so much so, in fact, that I’m writing about it here.

I think that this is one of Meryl Streep’s finest performances. Yet again, she becomes her character and transforms into Margaret Thatcher. Gosh. I’m still speechless which, as you know, doesn’t happen often!

Apparently there is a quite a bit of controversy surrounding the film because there is a great deal of emphasis on Mrs. Thatcher’s dementia that allegedly settled in later in her life.  An incredibly poignant moment for me was when she fundamentally talks herself out of “going mad.”  Tough stuff.

The other most poignant moment in the film is when she says the St. Francis of Assisi prayer prior to walking into Number 10 Downing Street.  Major goose bump, Silver Lined moment. So powerful, in fact, that I thought I’d share it with you here. I think it is as pertinent today as when St. Francis said it and when Mrs. Thatcher said it. Come to think of it, I don’t think that it can be said enough!

I have to say that I especially liked the film because it was a super sweet middle-of-the day date with the HOTY. Not much better in the world than that, I’d have to say!

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