Inspiring People: Marie Colvin


In this month’s Vanity Fair, there is a compelling and inspiring article by Marie Brenner about the tireless and now sadly deceased reporter, Marie Colvin who was “always ready to board a plane headed for nowhere nice.”

I highly recommend that you pick up this month’s magazine and read this article for a dose of inspiration and a dollop of the harsh reality in Syria.

A 2008 portrait of Colvin by the photographer and musician Bryan Adams.

Entering one of the complex systems of secret tunnels used to move goods in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the Gaza Strip, 2005.

In 2001, U.S. allied forces overtook the city of Marjah, a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. On assignment in April 2010, Colvin visited Marjah and reported on the Taliban’s attempt to retake the city.The large blue stamp (right) is Colvin’s visa used to enter Afghanistan to cover this conflict.

Colvin in the mountains of Chechnya, from which she made a harrowing escape, 1999.

In Tahrir Square, Cairo, covering the nonviolent, 18-day protest that would bring down Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak in the Arab Spring, January 2011.




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  1. says

    Marie Colvin was a dedicated and courageous foreign correspondent who gave of herself to keep us informed on the "hot spots" in the Middle East. It is not surprising that she died in Syria going about her fearless work. For a true journalistic hero: Rest in Peace.

  2. Kim C says

    Thank you for recommending the read. So good to share about these amazing role models. I was sorry to hear about her passing though.
    Take care, Kim

  3. E.B. says

    God bless her. People like her are needed in this world, to keep things in perspective. A role model well worth emulating. Whenever I hear people whine (and I know a few whiners) I just say "Syria" or "Japan, tsunami." Life is precious and in this country, with all our faults, troubles and nimrod politicians, we are still blessed, blessed, blessed.

  4. says

    Thank you, Hollye, haven't read it yet but will. Marie Brenner is such a wonderful writer and has such soul – I know her a little. Marie Colvin I only knew of – but wow – beauty, brains, grit and guts. What a girl.