Birthday Silver Linings

Birthday Silver Linings

Today is my birthday. Wow. That was hard to say. You see, I’ve never been a big fan of my birthday….which is an understatement of the year, quite frankly. Truthfully, there have been some years when my birthday has been downright awful, full of free-flowing tears. Why? you ask. Well, I could pinpoint the exact reasons, but there’s no need to rehash the past.

What’s strange is that I love aging. Really, truly I do. It’s just the Birth-DAY that has always gotten me down.

One of my dear friends – who has also had disdain for her birthday – emailed me this morning to say that she “hopes that I have an un-sucky day.”  This was actually a great wish for me because every year I too hope that it just doesn’t “suck.” Shortly after our exchange, this same friend (a positive, dear and enlightened person, by the way!) asked me whether we could reclaim our birthday.

My quick response was “Yes. All we need to do is choose to reclaim it.”

Wow. That was quite a revelation. Today it occurred to me that rather than being held hostage by the past – which is, I acknowledge, what I was allowing to happen – I need to be more Silver Lining-ish and reclaim this day.

Well, I’m going to start doing that. Reclaiming my birthday. It may take some time because I’ve had a lifetime of yucky birthdays (with the exception of my 40th which ironically happened just 2 months after my FBC diagnosis!).

The truth of the matter is that birthdays are a celebration of life and the people who are apart of it. There isn’t much else more worthy of a celebration, if you ask me.

There is no better way to begin reclaiming my birthday than to reflect on the Silver Linings of this day:

  1. Waking up to a snuggle-buggle with the HOTY and Suddenly Seven (who was so doggone excited about my birthday!)
  2. An incredible yoga class
  3. A beautiful hike with girlfriends
  4. Buzz snoring on my feet under my desk as I type
  5. My health. My glorious, beautiful and amazing health!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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  1. E.B. says

    Happy Birthday, Hollye! December babies are lovely people, my Mom, you and Miss Frances are proof positive of that. Wishing you a VERY unsucky Silver Lining filled day, lots of joy, health and wonderful adventures!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday!! What a great day to re-claim!
    I have always loved birthdays and my mother died on my 29th. Which sounds like a sad thing but I think she was holding out and now I have to celebrate every year rather than spend the day being sad. That said my next birthday is 10 years since her death and I already find that hard to comprehend. But again an excuse to do something extra special to celebrate

    • silverpen says

      Thank you so much, Tabitha. Way to find a Silver Lining of the death of your mom. I hope that you do something extra special. I can only imagine how happy that would make her. Thanks, again!

  3. SANDRA says

    After my daughter turned 7, I realized that she had a party for the last 3 birthdays and I never gave her one…….she just did it herself and made it happen. That's when I decided to take charge of my own birthday. Out of 365 days in the year, it's the only day that is really yours. I decide what I want to do in every detail. It's the only way to wake up the day after your birthday and say it was all good. And yes, I celebrate that I was born and I am here. My childhood was a mess but I am here and this is the life I've created in spite of it. I LOVE my birthday and no one messes with it:)

  4. Diane says

    Happy un-sucky birthday, dear Hollye!
    Gratefully, I am surrounded by a tribe of darling friends who believe in celebrating the advent of each other's purpose, and existence and choose to spoil one another, relish in our good fortune to know each, and honor the day in which we increased the value of our mutual share of the world. Before I knew them, I didn't know I was worthy of such celebration. Rejoice. You have been born with purpose, vitality, and value…just look at Hotty, Suddenly Seven, and all of us who thrive because you ARE.

    • silverpen says

      Thanks so much, dear Diane! What a beautiful tribe in which you live. Wonderful! …and THANK YOU for such kind words. I am deeply appreciative!

  5. Carolee Groux says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet lady!! It is about time you choose to celebrate the silver linings of each and every birthday. I'm so happy to hear that you welcomed the day, and that it turned out wonderful.
    I usually celebrate mine for several days: with friends for lunch or dinner out and a live stage play, with family for birthday cake and ice cream, and of course with my darling husband for a romantic dinner out,(and excuse me for sounding so avaricious),but receiving a surprise piece of jewelry from him. His choices are just the best!

    • silverpen says

      Thank you so much, Carolee! I am choosing to celebrate the Silver Linings on every birthday forthcoming! Love the way that you celebrate your day! Sounds like you have a HOTY as well. 🙂

  6. Joan Aldrich says

    Happy Birthday Darling Hollye

    How do I celebrate … Well when I turned the big 60 … I put my puppy Daisy in the Car and drove to Santa Barbara with the best of Simon and Garfunkle
    blaring from the stereo and went to Saks Fifth Ave and shopped !!! shopped !!! shopped !!! They even brought to the dressing room a silver tray with water and treats for Daisy …. I'll never forget what a fabulous day I had … Just a To Me, From Me , For Me kind of day

    Hearts love,

  7. says

    Dear Hollye,
    First of all, I love your blog. I cannot even remember where I found it, but I love it. I have no connection to cancer, but just resonate with your outlook on life and sense of style. I follow you on Instagram as well. Big smile.
    Here is how I celebrate my birthday ~ I consider it a day not about me, but about everyone I love and want to thank all of them for being a part of my life. Every year I have a dinner party for my best friends, toasting them for laughing, crying with me and just being a part of my life. I have told people, it is the opposite of being all about me ~ it is to thank you!!! This makes it less egocentric and more in the vein of gratitude.
    So, next year, give your friends a party in honor of your birthday, celebrating your wonderful relationships and just being alive 🙂 Everyone likes to be invited to a party.
    Keep up the good work.
    Very Sincerely,
    Sarah Aynesworth

    • silverpen says

      Dear Sarah,
      THANK YOU so much for your kind words. I am so appreciative. Having a dinner party is a beautiful idea. I love it. Thank you!

  8. says

    Happy Birthday! Today is my son's 16th birthday, so a very special day. Yes, choosing is an amazing tool we have in our arsenal when we realize we can use it for everything we encounter. Have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it and I suspect that the HOTY and Suddenly Seven will make it amazing for you.