Giving: Dream Foundation Part Deux


Thank you for all of your great feedback on the Dream Foundation. I’m so crazy about the organization. After I posted the story, it occurred to me that you might like to hear the story of one dream recipient during this holiday season.

All Stacey wanted was a Gift Card to buy presents for her children on this, her final Christmas.

But when an amazing team of volunteer Dream Foundation Elves caught wind of this family in need of some cheer, they created a true holiday miracle, descending on Stacey’s home and covering it with lights and decorations, arranging Christmas trees with presents for everyone. And the ultimate Silver Lining: Santa himself!

Imagine the surprise when Stacey’s daughters walked in and saw Santa Claus waiting for them; the looks on their faces were priceless and they danced on their tip-toes with delight. The whole family – especially Stacey – beamed brighter than the lights hung cheerfully on their Dream tree!

What an incredible Silver Lining!


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