Giving: Girls Inc.

Today, I am honored and excited to be the Keynote Speaker for the 28th Annual One Hundred Committee Luncheon of Girls Inc. Santa Barbara. I have some ginormous footsteps to follow because just a few years ago, Oprah was the speaker. Yes, Oprah. Oh and I’m the first local person to be the Keynote speaker. No pressure!

Actually, I’m not feeling pressure because this an opportunity to celebrate a phenomenal organization doing amazing things in our community.

The mission of Girls Inc. is to inspire all girls to be STRONG, SMART & BOLD. How great is that? I mean, really. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – more important or valuable that we can do for our girls.

Suddenly Seven and I toured one of their two facilities in Santa Barbara and had a goose bump experience. We learned that Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara inspires girls to overcome the economic, social, and gender barriers that threaten their growing up healthy, educated, and confident by providing life-changing programs and experiences. Girls Inc. helps girls to thrive so that they they become healthy, happy and productive young women.

Some of the many programs and services that Girls Inc. offers include Economic Literacy, Friendly PEERsuasion, Leadership and Community Action, Media Literacy, Operation SMART and Project BOLD, to name a few. Every program is an incredible Silver Lining in the lives of the girls who need them so much.

The needs are high: Of the 3000+ girls served each year, 75% receive some form of scholarship assistance and 62% come from low income families. This luncheon is a fundraiser that provides the monetary support to enable the girls (who need the programs & services the most!) to participate in these transformative programs.

Being asked to be the speaker is a true Silver Lining in my life!  Now, let’s just hope that I don’t trip up the stairs when I walk on stage. GULP!

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  1. Kim C says

    In your words, Wowsy Bowsy!!! You're sure to inspire as you do on your blog! How inspiring for Suddenly Seven too. Lucky Girls! All the best!

  2. Stina Hans says

    You rock. What a lovely post.. I know you will be so inspiring. A friend called me from Northern California yesterday. She is coming for your talk today… and then going back up North. Her sister in law was just diagnosed with FBC. She reads your blog and now with this development feels that your words are particularly relevant. You touch so many! XO Stina