Shopping for a Cause!

Today, Tuesday, I am super excited to co-host a trunk show for one of my favorite designers, Lyn Devon.  Lyn is widely heralded as the fresh new voice of American luxury sportswear and recognized as a chicster (I can only imagine what being a chicster feels like!).

Lyn is not only talented, but incredibly generous (Silver Lining). Season after season, she gives a very handsome % of sales to the Dream Foundation of Santa Barbara.

If you’re in Santa Barbara and would like to come by, let me know!  We would love to have you!

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  1. Leslie Magidsohn says

    Hollye, I have been following you for a long time. YOu are incredible and such an inspiration. In 2011 I had a lumpectomy Stage II breast cancer and underwent chemo and radiation. I am now on Arimidex and it is killing me. It is keeping me alive but it is killing me. Just wondered if you have had an experience with this drug. It has exacerbated my osteoarthritis and my fingers and toes and feet kill. Fatigue, weakness and pain. I have discussed with my doctor switching to another drug but Arimidex is the one that has the best success rate in mortality. Any ideas? are you on anything post cancer.
    Best regards and admiration,

    • silverpen says

      Dear Leslie,
      Thank you so much for your note. I had comparable reactions to Tamoxifen, another hormone therapy. Here is the post on it:
      Though I would never offer medical advice, I would encourage you to continue to talk with your doctors (take a list of questions to each and every appointment), engage complementary therapy (acupuncture, meditation, yoga, reiki) and potentially even get a second opinion.
      Sending all of my very best wishes to you.
      Please stay in touch.

  2. Susan Rice says

    Dear Hollye, I have been teaching a graduate course on the philanthropic enterprise at Pepperdine. So, I am interested in your experience with investing your time and talent in this cause. Would you be willing to let me know your thoughts after this is all over, about your level of satisfaction at this enterprise?

  3. says

    Oh shoot, Hollye, I am sorry to miss this! Lyn IS a chicster and many of my NYC friends know and admire her and her clothes, and the Dream Foundation is great. And kudos to YOU for making this huge effort on behalf of both.