Brookside Beauty

Beauty: The Santa Barbara Evening Sky

A friend recently sent me the following poem that I simply must share with you.  It touched me deeply.  I hope that you enjoy it and it brings a Silver Lining to your day!

Who Walks with Beauty

David Morton

Who walks with beauty has no need of fear;

The sun and moon and star keep pace with him.

Invisible hands restore a ruined year,

And time, itself, grows beautifully dim.

One hill will keep the footprints of the moon,

That came and went a hushed and secret hour;

One star at dusk will yield a lasting boon:

Remembered beauty’s white, immortal flower.

Who takes of beauty, wine and daily bread,

Will know no lack when bitter years are lean;

The brimming cup is by, the feast is spread;

The sun and moon and stars his eyes have seen,

Are for his hunger and thirst he slakes:

The wine of Beauty and the bread he breaks.

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  1. Carrie says

    What a beautiful poem. There is nothing I love more than appreciating beauty for beauty's sake. To have everyday items things of beauty, to drink in the evening sky, to stop and contemplate the tide pools with our children. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are having a day filled with beauty. xo