Brookside Benison

May the sun

bring you new energy by day,

May the moon

softly restore you by night,

May the rain

wash away your worries,

May the breeze

blow new strength into your being.

May you walk

gently through the world and know

its beauty all the days of your life.

– Apache Blessing

Another beautiful Santa Barbara sunset

After my posting about the rain, I have to admit that in a 24-hour period, Santa Barbara had:

  1. Rain
  2. Sun
  3. Hail
  4. Snow (yes, SNOW!)
  5. Wind
  6. Tornado (hugely shocking)

So, weather conversation has abounded…and justifiably so. Even our daughter, a/k/a Finally Five was talking about it.  She wondered, “Is the snow warmer in Santa Barbara?”  Oh how I love that dimple-knuckled child!

Every type of weather is beautiful here which is such a Silver Lining!

Snow on top of the mountains. This photo was taken from our backyard.

Snow cap photo taken from our driveway.

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  1. says

    Our planet doesn't get much better than this! Thanks so much for the beautiful California pics. We have a few good snowy mountain views down here in L.A. right now, also. Best, Pat

  2. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Yes..we had it up here in SF too! Snow on Mt. Tam at our old house.
    Lovely quote and happy b-day to the HOTY!

  3. roxie solakian says

    Hiking cooking and beautiful words to share
    you are back. So I bought the cream and eye lashes stuff
    can't wait for long lashes i was never blessed with.