The Silver Pen Loves Bill

Today, I had a Silver Lined afternoon when I went to see the Bill Cunningham New York documentary.

I saw the film at The Landmark Bridge in San Francisco.  I normally would not tell you the name of the theatre, but since it was built in 1939, I must.  It is a cool, funky, old single-screen movie theatre that is as charming as the film itself!

Prior to the beginning of the movie, the projectionist (I had never met a live projectionist before!) introduced himself, the theatre and the film.  I was immediately smitten with all!

Back to the show. This is a chronicle of Bill Cunningham, the enigmatic New York Times photographer who shoots and curates the paper’s “On the Street” and “Evening Hours” photo columns.

When asked what he looks for while shooting, he says, “Some marvelous, exotic bird of paradise, meaning a very elegant and stunning woman or someone wearing something terrific.” I love how he uses the word terrific (Silver Lining).

When asked how he chooses which charity events to cover in the newspaper, he says that he starts “with the charity that does the most good.  I never look at a guest list. Never.”

Mr. Cunningham has an electric personality and a joyous, infectious smile.  “There is no room for gloom and doom,” he says.

Last year at the Met Gala, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cunningham.  The HOTY and I were close to the last to leave (because it was such an incredibly magical night!) and at the bottom of the red carpet was Bill Cunningham.  Wow. He came right up to us and snapped our photograph. It was the highlight of the evening.

I highly recommend this film.  It is uplifting. Emotional. Happy.


He who seeks beauty will find it.

 We all get dressed for Bill.

-Anna Wintour

I eat with my eyes.

It’s not what I think. It’s what I see.

Money is the cheapest thing.  Liberty and freedom are the most expensive.

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  1. says

    Isn't it, and he, the BEST?! I've seen it twice now. Once with Older Son and then convinced my husband to watch it with me.
    Bill Cunningham is an adorable inspiration- imagine the world if it we had more people like him?!
    He is the perfect example of A Man in Full.