Buzzing on the Trails

Despite feeling unusually putrid and looking even worse, Buzz and I hit the trail today with a girlfriend with high hopes that, at the very least, my nausea-filled spirits would be lifted.

Success!  There is something purely magical about being on a mountain.  It’s the one place guaranteed to make me feel alive, awake and fully present (albeit green).

Santa Barbara Channel

The Clouds Gently Resting on the Mountains

New Friends. The grass is as green as in Ireland.

A Happy Hiker

A Tired HIker

Can I just tell you how much I love Buzz?  Seriously.  Brookside won the Puppy Lottery with him.  Definitely. He is one of my SL’s (silver lining’s) to this FBC.  He is so full of love, patience, sensitivity, smarts, humor and communication. Seriously.  Oh, and when he looks at me, he just wags his tail.  Puppy Lottery for sure!

One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.

~Author Unknown

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  1. Diana Brill says

    I had a yellow lab for 11 years, he was my very best friend, confidant, healer, soother, tear catcher and most joyous fun sharer! I am so happy you have Buzz.

  2. lynn pearl says

    Dear Hollye,
    You know I would love to share the
    "magic of the mountain" with you and Buzz.
    Call when you need a trail buddy.

  3. Robyn says

    Hollye…. What a difference you have made in all our lives . Whether you know it or not your courage, humor, honesty, and fortitude help nourish my soul. Thank you for sharing this FBC journey with all of us…. Even with FBC you are elegant, beautiful, and generous of spirit.
    So happy to know that you are getting out for walks. The beauty of Santa Barbara is certainly a good dose of medicine ( with no bad after effects).
    Missing you , thinking of you ,and admiring you….

  4. says

    Hi Hollye,
    I just saw your pictures at and first I was shocked because I wasn't expecting it, then I was moved. Your beauty is undeniable, in and out I can see that. Then I came to your blog and I read your first post from the Booby report. I've been reading for over an hour and a half and I have to say that your story is so touching, your writing so entertaining and funny (considering the circumstances) and you are going to be just fine. You're going to heal and you'll live forever. I'm so happy I read your story, I'll keep coming to stay posted, I'll pray for you and thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. You are one incredible lady that inspired me this morning. Thank you. From a stranger.

  5. diane says

    What a fantastic way to deal with the nausea…and can I just say I'm in love with your dog! What a face, I'm so happy you have him to help get you through…