Buzz's Beach Day

It occurred to me tonight as I strewn about my bathroom floor (Why? You ask. Well, because I couldn’t possibly make it the 7 feet to my bed), that I haven’t written about the 78.4 lb big black ball of love that is Buzz, our beloved dog, in way too long.

I’m happy to say that despite his diagnosis of Exercise Induced Collapse (remember that fun period?), he is doing just fine (Silver Lining).  He just doesn’t exercise. Ever. Or he could die. And I’m not being dramatic. Unfortunately.

The only time he isn’t next to me is when he is either outside or eating, both of which do take precedence over guarding yours truly.

Buzz continues to nudge me outside to lay in the sun. When I can’t make it that far, he curls up into a ball right next to me.

Last week when I did yoga, my instructor even made a reference to Buzz’s shaman-like presence around me. If anyone could help treat chemo-sobby and mend the soul, it’s Buzz.

As you may recall, Buzz came to us in November (between surgery and chemo) from Detroit, where he was employed full-time by Leader Dogs for the Blind. He was “career redirected” (yes, that is the term that they use to lovingly place dogs who either don’t make it through the training program or have to be removed from the program) because of recurrent ear infections.

Upon his arrival to Santa Barbara, he had never seen the Pacific Ocean, tasted salt water or walked on sand.  So, I thought I’d share with you photos from his first day at the beach.

Not a bad place to be "Career Redirected"!

First, prancing steps

Not so tasty, but really fun!

A happy Buzz!

A SL'd kind of day!

Quick adaptation!

So, my Silver Lining today is Buzz, who is snoring right next to me.  I am a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by so much love – always and in all ways!

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.

~Ambrose Bierce

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  1. Diana Brill says

    I've mentioned once before about my yellow lab, but I just have to say if Buzz had a blond dye job he would be my Buddy. 🙂 I can so relate to how bonded you and Buzz are. Labs are just the most loving, intuitive, attentive animals. It pleases me no end you have him! My heart swells for the loyalty you have from him! He was no accident coming to you at this time.