Disaster Preparedness


As I sit in my office with the news on (I NEVER, EVER have the television on while I work) watching New Jersey and New York endure a direct hit of Hurricane Sandy, my heart and prayers are with the people living on the East Coast.

It is also motivating me to finalize our family preparations for a disaster. California is the most magnificent place to live. I feel blessed to be here every single day.  However, we are always on the verge of disaster, from wildfires to earthquakes.  The Silver Lining is that today isn’t the day of our disaster which means that we have today to prepare for whatever tomorrow holds.

One thing that I have been meaning to put together (& now am DOING thanks to Hurricane Sandy) is a “Disaster Go-Bag”. What is a Disaster Go-Bag, you ask? It is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

We will keep ours on the side of our bed, ready especially for a possible middle-of-the-night nasty situation. Here’s what we are including (hear my copy machine humming in the background copying our documents?):

There is a website, Essential Packs, that sells many if not all of the supplies that you might need.

Though I hope that you never have to use this bag, please pack it. Go ahead. It will be worth and a ginormous Silver Lining it if you do need it!

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  1. Stephanie B. says


    Great post and essential for all of us. One other suggestion for a resource: the American Red Cross. Our local Red Cross chapter offers preparedness classes and ideas of what we all should have at the ready for the next emergency. :)