Downton Kool-Aid


It’s official, I have partaken in the Downton Abbey Kool-Aid and I am HOOKED.

The British period drama, centering on the aristocratic Crawley family, explores the relationship between the patricians who live upstairs and their servants downstairs. What hooked me were the fantastic web of stories about love and class wrapped in superb, nuanced dialog, exquisite detail in both location and costume, amazing acting throughout and of course, the fashion. I am now dreaming about all things mannerly (and heaven knows I could use some manners after all of the f-bombs I have dropped this year!).

I love-love-love that this runaway success is drawing millions of people to PBS (Silver Lining). How fabulous is that? There’s something a little David-and-Goliath about it, don’tcha think?

People still continue to ask me how they can help friends and/or family who have recently been diagnosed with FC (f-bomb cancer) or some other ridiculous illness. In addition to the suggestions I have written about here before, Season 1 of Downton Abbey is the perfect gift.


Images via Vogue

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  1. Kim C says

    I'm hooked too, Hollye. Love everything about it and for similar reasons. The movie Remains of the Day is excellent too. Only a little more edgy and some may say – realistic, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying the kinder and gentler period piece. It would be the perfect gift!