F-Bomb, Meet Merriam

F-Bomb 700

According to the Associated Press, today is the day that the F-bomb is officially making it into the mainstream dictionary. After 114 years in existence, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary will include the F-bomb in its latest edition.

I’m pretty excited that after the last two years of f-bombing my way through FBC, that it is an official word (as if it weren’t already, huh?).

Now, whenever someone says what does f-bomb mean, I’ll tell them to look it up in the dictionary!

F-bombs away!!!!!!
(And you’ve seen the F-bomb I keep in my office, right?)

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  1. Kim C says

    F-bomb and Silver Linings are reminders of you! The yin yang (shadow and light) in us all!
    Wouldn't it be fun to eat cake in celebration with the F word written all over it in all the various ways it's used…. but we're not eating sugar anymore so F that idea. Congratulations anyway!

  2. Victoria says

    Congratulations! I think you have played a large part in bringing this under appreciated word to the masses. Your name will go down in history. Second only to Thomas Edison and electricity.