Family Dinners


A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the importance of family dinners in our family.  We love them and are committed to them at least four nights a week. I know that puts us out up to three nights a week, and that sounds like a lot, but there are some weeks with a whole lot going on.  Anyhoo, we’ve made the conscious commitment to be home with Sweetly Six for family dinners.

Below are the benefits that we garner from being home. The added Silver Lining is that I can eat dinner in my jammies.



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  1. anne towbes says

    I am so happy you do the family dinners with Sweetly Six. Michael and I have committed to Monday nights with his kids and grandkids. It is often the only time we can connect during the week and it has become something we all look forward to.

  2. Isabel March says

    Dearest H,
    Oh! how I love and enjoy all your postings, they resonate so much with what I am and with how I see the world. Please keep sharing, I devour every word you write. Speaking of writing have you thought of writing your first book? It would be extraordinary for sure.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Gladys Oropeza says

    There is not one single week that we gather together as family every saturday, some times, there are more plates on the table, sometimes less, but "Las comidas en casa de la tia Gladys" have become religion in our family. It's a very strong mexican tradition, which reinforces our family love and it's well practiced pretty much from north to south, east to west in Mexico. Once a week we sit down and break bread (and sometimes tortilla too) all together. It's a great tradition!