Flyin' Five

Thank you all for your inquiries about not receiving a post yesterday.  After 269 consecutive days, I decided to take a day off. If I haven’t said it enough, thank you again and again for reading the Brookside Buzz!

We are happily ensconced in beautiful Aspen, Colorado for a much needed family reunification vacation.

Reassembling our family after the radiation treatments is joyous. Every day, Finally Five acknowledges (in ways big and small) how wonderful it is for us to be together again.  She is extraordinarily affectionate, giving hugs and smooches every time I turn around, which is the ultimate Silver Lining.

Despite the challenge of being separated for treatment, it was the right decision and our reunification is glorious!


Winter clinging to Aspen Mountain.


Finally Five's first Gondola ride: "Oh boy! Oh boy! Ohhhh boy!"


There is still an amazing amount of snow on Aspen Mountain!


I always knew that Finally Five was adventurous.  I just never knew how adventurous she was until her only words on the bungee  jumping machine at the top of Aspen Mountain were:  “Higher!” and “Again!”.


Flyin' Five on the bungee machine at the top of Aspen Mountain.


Finally Five Flipping. In a dress. Seriously.


There's nothing like mountain air!


A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.

~Earl Wilson

(I couldn’t resist this quote!)

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  1. Catie says

    I absolutely LOVE this, it's fantastic! I love her, she's so much like you, with a little extra bit of crazy adventure mixed in (she's a daredevil!). All my love to the little nugget, I miss her and you very much! What a superstar!


  2. Robyn says

    Wow…. finally five is bungee jumping and my boys were afraid of air until last year!
    Have a great time and enjoy being together again. Love to you…

  3. Kim says

    What wonderful pictures! Please take all the time you need after such a difficult time. The hardest of your life. Take this time and enjoy Aspen. It's the most important thing.
    I was on a retreat last Thursday and Friday with 30 women in various stages of the cancer journey (those newly diagnosed, in treatment, dealing with recurrence, dying of cancer and in remission). I thought I was doing okay (I am 2 years in remission) but the experience hit me with such a force and was a heavy reminder of the the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual burden of a cancer diagnosis – as well as the strength of the human spirit and our will to survive. I have been truly changed by this experience. They've helped me to feel less afraid of recurrence and more grateful for the time I have (whether it is 1 year or 40 years). I have finally surrendered and am struggling less. I wanted to share this experience and would highly recommend Integrated Health Care (to heal mind, body & spirit) to any readers struggling on their cancer journey. Seek out support in your community. Keep going. Hold on. All things are possible.

  4. Mary Beth says

    OMG….she is fearless! What a wonderfully delightful combination – style with a gingham dress and spirit with bungee flips. Wonder where she inherited all of this wonderfulness!
    Enjoy, savor, enjoy time with each other amidst God's country,