Bookshelves, Glorious Bookshelves!


You know how much I love books, right?  I literally love everything about them: the way they look, feel and even smell!  When I visit other people’s homes, I’m always enamored by the way they present their books. It’s such a beautiful insight into their minds, hearts and souls.

Here are some absolutely wonderfully beautiful and quite entertaining book presentations that knocked my socks off (Silver Lining)!

Baroque bookshelves, designed by Graham and Green

Circular walking bookcase, designed by David Garcia

Dream bookshelf, designed by Dripta Design Studio

Equilibrium bookcase, designed by Alejandro Gomez

Face bookshelf, designed by Alexi McCarthy

Infinity bookshelf, designed by Job Koelewijn

Tangram bookshelf, designed by Daniele Lago

Tree branch bookshelf, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz

United States bookshelf, designed by Ron Arad

Whale bookshelf, designed by Justin Southey

Do you have a favorite?  I’m a little partial to the whale. She makes me smile.

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  1. Carolyn Jean says

    Love love love books….great bookshelves. I have seen a really cool one on Pinterest. It is designed so that the shelves spell out the words "read your book case"…..would love to have a lovely set of any type in my home

  2. E.B. says

    I feel the same way about books! One favorite childhood memory is of visiting the public library near our home, it is (or was) in this wonderful old building and it smelled WONDERFUL, walking in I knew I'd be greeted by old friends already read, new ones full of adventures to be had and imagination set free. The whale bookshelf would be lovely in a child's room, I'd like the branch bookshelf for my home. Think I'll ask a friend's husband (a very talented carpenter – SL!) to try his hand at making a similar one. Great post, as always! Your blog is a major SL for me each and every time I read it!

    • says

      Thanks, E.B. I loved visiting libraries when I was a little girl as well. Thanks so much for sharing! Please send a photo of your upcoming bookshelf! Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Kim C says

    Love the infinity bookshelf ….on a smaller scale 😉 If one could house it, the form and function are amazing. The walking wheel is the coolest ever, but most of us don't have a room the size of a gymnasium! hee hee! Super fun pictures! All the best on the radio talk show! From everything you share on your blog and how you say it, I know you'll be amazing and I look forward to listening!

  4. says

    Good Morning! What a great, great way to start my day by checking out all these fabulous (that's even an understatement!) book arrangements! I think I"m actually tingling! ha ha Thank you for finding them! I'd love to share these with all my reader/writer friends and mention you in the process! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!