Bookworm: La Dolce Vita

With the end of October (a/k/a breast cancer awareness month), I have some pink ribbon (actually pink in general) fatigue. I do. It’s true. As if I weren’t already aware. Ha! Every single time I take a shower, I’m aware. Just sayin’…

Anyhoo, as a result of my Pinktober hangover, I’m doing some lighter posts this week.  Time for some frivolity (Silver Lining). No better place for dreaming of frivolity than the new book, La Dolce Vita. Between the beautiful covers, Editor Christopher Sweet curates a gorgeous compilation of images from legendary society photographer Slim Aarons’ time in Italy which happens to span four decades. Lots and lots of drool.

Buona lettura i miei amici! Godere di questo rivestimento d’argento.

* Yes, I used Google Translate. I only wish I were that cool!!!

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  1. E.B. says

    Love, love, love the photos, that blue swimming cap, I remember my Mom having a similar one and she wore it with great panache, the clothes, the villas and the water, oh my! La Dolce Vita, indeed. My lovely boss and her hubby love Italy and visit as often as possible. I always tell her, if they decide to relocate, I'm there. And isn't Goggle Translate handy? I had one friend (who speaks a bazillion languages fluently, sometimes he annoys me) thinking I was fluent in Italian and French, but I 'fessed up.

    • says

      Hi, E.B.! I looooove that swimming cap as well. Good gracious, it's adorable! And Yes, I happen to think that Google Translate is pretty fabulous, though it does — I admit — bring on a bit of laziness. Alas. Happy Sunday to you!