Bookworm: Sutton

This weekend, I am sooooooo beyond excited to begin reading J.R. Moehringer’s new book, Sutton. Willie Sutton was the prolific United States bank robber convict who, when asked why he robbed banks, responded: “That’s where the money is.” During his 40-year criminal career he was known for his disguises, garnering two nicknames, “Slick Willie” and “Willie the Actor.” This book has been described as a sympathetic narrative about a one-man Occupy movement who did more than protest banks.

I adored his first book, The Tender Bar. In case you don’t know him, Moehringer is a Pulitzer-winning former reporter who collaborated with Andre Agassi on the tennis star’s acclaimed 2009 memoir, Open. 

You know where I’ll be this weekend…what are you up to?


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