Little Girl's Book Club

Sweetly Six’s “BunBun” at the Bookstore

Tomorrow evening, Sweetly Six and I are attending our very first Little Girl’s book club where we will be discussing Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly Cleary.  We are both so excited. A friend of ours put the group together by thoughtfully assembling five girlfriends who love to read.

Sweetly Six has read for as long as I can remember. Frequently she says to the HOTY and me, “I love being a book worm!” …which is Silver Lined music to my ears!

There are tons of Silver Linings to a children’s book club. Here are my top 10 reasons why I’m especially excited about participating in our new book club:

  1. They provide a comfortable, communal atmosphere that promotes reading, critical thinking, and expressing ideas.
  2. It provides an extra-special glimpse of how and what children are really thinking about the world.
  3. They are a fantastic place to promote learning master literary skills including fluency and new vocabulary words.
  4. A group provides an opportunity to try different types of books incorporating different ideas and concepts that a child might not otherwise have chosen.
  5. Participating enables a child to increase knowledge and gain an appreciation of the surrounding world.
  6. They do wonders for communication skills by providing a forum for in-depth discussions and learning to assimilate differing opinions and viewpoints.
  7. Book clubs are a great way for children to begin to express opinions, summarize & present information in a coherent and engaging way to a (safe & small) audience.
  8. They are a wonderful source of  ideas as well as motivation for children to start writing their own stories.
  9. Book discussions help children practice turn-taking, encourage them to use language to analyze, make predictions and solve problems.
  10. They may also provide parents & children with a way to explore and discuss difficult topics in a safe way, e.g., bullying, conflict resolution.

What I like most about book groups is that they are FUN!




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  1. Nancy Melhorn says

    I just read "Just being Audrey" by Margaret Cardillo with my little one. It made me think of you and Sweetly Six. I think you would both enjoy it. It is about Audrey Hepburn, her hard work, independent spirit, facing adversity, and contributions to society. Enjoy your mother/daughter time.

    • says

      Ohhhh isn't that a wonderful book, Nancy? I loved it!
      Your holiday photos this year are absolutely gorgeous. So wonderful to see you looking so happy and (more importantly!) healthy!!!

  2. says

    Hooray for reading! I think your mother-daughter book club is a wonderful idea! I wish I would have thought of forming one when my daughter was young. Thankfully she is a reader, and like myself, always has a book at hand, as do my grandchildren. I have enjoyed being a part of a book club all of my adult life. The exchange of ideas increases understanding and promotes communication. Also assimilating others' opinions and ideas while coherently expressing your own engages good conversation skills.
    I mentor a 4th-grader in reading at my neighborhood Elementary School every Wed. for an hour. We work on vocabulary, reading fluency, phonics, word recognition, and comprehension skills, and critical thinking. It is so rewarding to see a child master his reading skills and develop a life-long love for reading.
    The Beverly Cleary books are a good choice, as Cleary addresses topics of interest for both parent and youngster. Enjoy "Ramona and her Mother"!!

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      Thanks so much for your note(s) today, Carolee! How wonderful that you mentor a 4th grader. That's fabulous.
      Will keep you posted on the book club.
      Thank you, again!