SL Book: Paris versus New York


I’m so crazy about the (relatively) new book by Vahram Muratyan, Paris versus New York: A tally of two cities.

The book is a chic and humorous visual homage to the two cities that the author loves. The vision came about while strolling the streets of Manhattan, when Muratyan, a Paris-based graphic designer, wondered why it was that being in New York made him miss Paris, and being in Paris made him long for New York.

To try to pinpoint his pining, he kept track of the differences and similarities between Paris and New York. Rather than photograph the objects that define each metropolis, Muratyan started a sketch a day for family and friends back home, and the inevitable “Paris versus New York” blog was born which evolved into a beautiful book.

Oh my gosh, it’s so much fun, probably because Paris and New York happen to be two of my favorite cities in the world! Muratyn describes his book as “a tapestry that weaves connections between travelers, dreamers and romantics alike.” He dedicates this “friendly visual match to all lovers of Paris, of New York, and to those who are torn between the two.” Me! Moi! Me! Moi!

This is a great fun Silver Lined book. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Below are some of my favorite comparisons from the book…what are your choices?

First choice: Forever Young. However, I’m feeling Vieille Dame!

Uhhhh, Go!

Coco. No question.

I’d have to say Baguette, though there’s nothing quite like a real-deal New York Bagel!

Ahhhhh. How could I decide between the two?!?

Bordeaux. I had enough Cosmo’s in my 20’s to last a lifetime!

Pyramide at the Musee du Louvre. Bien Sur.

There is a Laudree on Madison Avenue in New York, which means I don’t have to choose (Silver Lining)!

Too tough to call….J’adore les duex!

I’d have to go All-American and say Carrie, though Amelie is adorable!

I don’t drink either, but I love the way they both smell. The HOTY would choose an expresso.

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