Summer Reading


My book constipation has been back in a BIG way! Geesh. What is book constipation you ask? Or did you? Well, in case you did wonder…it is when I start a book and just can’t get into it. I just can’t go. Get it?

A dear girlfriend also has book constipation…or maybe it’s book aversion. I can’t tell. Recently she suggested that instead of having a book club, that we have a ‘zine (as in Magazine) club! ¬†She said, “You know…pick a topic, find a magazine article on that topic and then gab about it.” ¬†Hilarious, right? Actually, I think she’s on to something!

Back to books. I tend to give a book 100 pages and if I’m not all in, then I cease and desist. I really dislike saying goodbye to a book; however, life is just too doggone short (especially these days, post-FBC) to read anything that doesn’t hold my attention.

That said, I’m very excited about the four books that are on my bedside table (Silver Lining), two fiction and two nonfiction. I like to balance the entertainment of fiction with the intellectual stimulation (a/k/a “growing my noodle” as Sweetly Six says) of nonfiction.

I’ll give you the full report as I finish each one. My goal is to finish all four by the end of August. Ambitious, right?

What are you reading and loving these days?

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