The Silver Lining Book: ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

The Silver Lining | The Silver Pen

The Silver Lining Book is REALLY HAPPENING. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that it’s almost HERE! One week from today, in fact! Wowsy!  Elizabeth Messina, my friend, photographer and co-author are getting so excited for it to finally be born into the world, and to be able everyone whose life is impacted by breast cancer.

This is truly the book that I wish that I had and it is my most sincere hope that this book, told through words and photography, will inspire, guide and support people throughout their experience.

If you haven’t already, would you consider ordering the book today?

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  1. Kerry Rose says

    Yay Hollye!!! So excited to read it:) wish I would have had it two years ago..but I had your Silver Pen and that got me through it! You have been so amazingly inspiring and helpful in this journey. If I preordered a signed book, when would I expect to receive it? Looking forward to reading your masterpiece 😉 Wonder if you would ever come to Green Bay WI for a book signing? I would be the first in line!! Hugs :) Kerry Rose

    • silverpen says

      Oh Kerry, thank you so much for your note! I'll be in Chicago in April, if you're able to come. Eventually, I'd love to make it to Green Bay. Sending my very best wishes!

      • Kerry Rose says

        Hi Hollye~
        How exciting…when and where will you be in Chicago next month?
        Take care and looking forward to your book!
        Kerry :)

        • silverpen says

          Thanks, Kerry! I'll be in Chicago the week of April 17th with tons planned! I'll be posting everything soon. Thank you again!