Bookworm: Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Alphabet Book Tierney Gearon

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Last weekend, I had the great and wonderful opportunity to meet artist and author Tierney Gearon. You see, my dear friend Kendall Conrad hosted a book signing for Tierney at her shop in Montecito. Now, truth be told, I had never heard of Tierney or her book, but when Kendall extends an invitation I always show up because Kendall has a magical way of bringing together the most fun and interesting people. And, I can NEVER say no to a book signing!

Oh my gosh, meeting Tierney was pretty much love at first sight…especially when I saw that she was signing her “Alphabet Book” with multi-colored sharpies…talk about a Silver Lining! Kendall said, “Hollye, go sit down and talk with her.” Well, am I ever glad that I did because Tierney is A-MA-ZING. She is friendly, warm, engaging and you pretty much can’t help but smile in her presence…and when you read her book.

Below are some images from Tierney’s beautiful book as well as a Q&A to learn a bit more about her.

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

  1. You describe “life as a big art class”. I love that! Would you elaborate? i blur life with art. everything i do is turned into an art project. i live in the moment. being creative makes me feel god and it connects you with people.
  2. When and why did you begin taking photographs? i have always been a visual person. i modeled years ago. i am a person who can not just sit still. i always seem to be doing something. so when i was working i was helping everyone with whatever they needed. i started documenting things when i was on jobs. and then one thing led to another and i started documenting everything …..
  3. Who is your favorite photographer? instgram !!!!! it is not really a photographer but that is my favorite place to look at images!
  4.  What is your favorite art museum? what you find in peoples back yards… i think the best art is viewing art and people’s lives in their home. i find museums  can be very overwhelming and  draining  of my energy. it is more interesting to see what people do with art they have  bought or things they have created themselves. however to see the same persons work one image after the next in an empty space can also be interesting because it tells a story or makes a statement. my favorite museums are small museums that have a home like feel. the serpentine gallery in london is fantastic .
  5. What do you for fun? tye dye, road trips with the kids, i love cleaning and organizing!!! yoga, hikes, i love going on spontaneous adventures. i am someone who always likes to say “yes” !!!
  6. What are you reading? i have 4 children a 20 , 18, 10 and 7. i have been reading children’s books for the past 20 years and listening to disney music …… i am worried what is going to happen in the next year or two  as  my kids are finally about to grow up……
  7. What is your favorite color? bright magentas and blues
  8. Describe the differences between the way that children view art and the way adults view art. this is an interesting question because for once i am not sure there is a difference. however an adult might not always share what they really think or they may be influenced  what by whatever the flavor of the month. most children just say what they feel spontaneously.  they don’t care where it comes from or who did it just if they like it or if it provokes a feeling or a question. it only takes one person to believe in what you do  to keep you going
  9. Why an Alphabet book? i wanted to do something fun with the children. a friend was going through a divorce and i thought it would be fun to do the project together. are kids were great friends. we had one meeting and then she went on to do something else and then i just was launched on this new fun challenging project for the next few years. when i start something i have to finish. so i just kept on going until i finally decided i was done. it was a great friend and family collaboration.
  10. Where/how do you find Silver Linings in life? being creative …… any creative project is incredibly healing . people love to be around creativity .. it is like gardening of the soul …..

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon

Silver Lining for my dear readers who live in LA is that Kendall is hosting another one in Brentwood this weekend. Here is the invitation!  Go have some fun!

Alphabet Book by Tierney Gearon | The Silver Pen

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  1. says

    hi hollye! i am a HUGE fan of Tierney's work. Have been for ages. The documentary entitled "The mother project" is just amazing. I follow whatever she does. I am soo soo envious that you met her and chatted with her. The way she has incorporated her family and art as one is pretty incredible. i am SHOCKED that she has a 20 year old. in my eyes they are still under 10!! I will buy the book for sure. xoxox Holly

  2. Carolee Groux says

    I really enjoyed your interview with Kendall Conrad. Number 10 really got me, when she says that she finds silver linings in doing creative projects. "People do like being around creativity, they find it healing." And I especially like her comparison,"like a gardening of the soul".

  3. says

    Love this book!! I am going to order it today. I have found art to be so healing during cancer. It is definately the only thing that gets me out of my head completely. I am a photographer by trade but I found I needed the tactile experience of messy paint during my recovery.

    Thanks for sharing.