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As I’ve mentioned a few dozen times, chemo wreaks havoc on a person’s skin and I am (of course) no exception.

For years, I have been getting facials at A Beautiful You in Santa Barbara.  Owner and licensed esthetician Melanie Simon is a brilliant magician. The first time I met her, we clicked – in a big way (as she does, I’m sure, with most people)!  She is smart, capable, creative, utterly discerning…and her skin is spectacular.  I easily and thoroughly entrusted her with my skin.

So, when I told her about the FBC diagnosis, the first thing she said was “I’ll take care of your skin!” How great is that?  Silver Lining!

Melanie specializes in facials that deliver low frequency electrical signals that mimic the patterns of brain messages delivered to the dermis during repair.  Melanie’s objective is to infuse low electrical frequencies into the skin to initiate renewal and sustain health.  Melanie’s specialty is in strengthening the skin and making it healthier through a non-invasive, personalized procedure.

I’ve never seen such dramatic and immediate improvement in my skin as after I’ve been in Melanie’s hands. The only problem (for me, anyway!) is that she doesn’t live full-time in Santa Barbara.  She sees clients all over the country.  Alas.

Well (SL) she has developed Circ-Cell Skin Care with the goal of creating a way for her clients to maximize results at home and in between professional facial treatments. The first product in the line is R.E.M Masque-Serum. It is an anti-aging and skin optimizing treatment that renews skin. This product gently nurtures each skin cell to optimal health by encouraging the extended life and productivity of each cell.

The best part? In addition to the product actually working, all of the ingredients are environmentally safe and non-toxic.  There are no parabens, proplyene glycol’s, fragrances, artificial preservatives or water.  The products are 100% vegan and are entirely concentrated and effective.

I have to say that people have been commenting on how good my skin looks, which baffles me. Truly.  I think that I have “chemo goggles” on (not unlike “beer goggles” worn in college that distorted the cuteness of boys at parties…of course, I’ve only heard about said goggles) because I don’t see what other people seem to see.

However, the comments have been made with enough frequency to make me think that it is the Circ-Cell that is preserving (and even enhancing) my skin. What a great and wonderful SL through all of this misery!

Thank you, Melanie!

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.

~Author Unknown




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