Brookside Beauty: Egyptian Magic

Ever since I started radiation for FBC (F-bomb breast cancer) in May, my skin has been as dry as the Sahara Desert in Egypt. Seriously. Every time I put any kind of moisturizer on my face it was sucked up in a nanosecond. Even the expensive ones!  Grrrr.

My skin felt like a dried and crusty sponge (with a hard and rough surface)…after being in a microwave.  Good times.

I reminded myself that moist and well-hydrated skin is skin that’s loaded with water.  And when it’s exposed to water, it becomes soft and pliable. So, I started drinking more water. Tons of water, in fact. If I don’t remind myself to drink water during the day, I simply forget. The Silver Lining news is that my newfound commitment to drinking water helped….a little bit.

However, other factors contribute to dry skin, including ahem, radiation…as well as the warm, dry air of summer and probably a few environmental toxins.  So, a product to help keep water in was in order.

To meet the Egyptian desert on my face, I needed some magic…as in Egyptian Magic! A friend recommended this to me and it has absolutely changed my life (Silver Lining). Love. Love. Love.


I use it in the morning and at night.  I use it all over my body and face. I think that you can also use it in your hair (but I have so little of it these days that I haven’t tried it). Egyptian Magic is my new all-time fave product.

Oh, and I just read the label and was amazed to find that they actually offer a money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Pretty cool.

So with my Egyptian Magic in-hand (I mean on-face) take THAT, radiation!!!

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.

~Rosalind Russell



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  1. Lynn says

    Hi – you should have your doctor write you a prescription for Biafine…or the generic of it which is called PruTect Topical Emulsion. It works great! So soothing and has specific directions for Radiation Dermititis. Good luck!

  2. Kim says

    Thanks for the info. Good for anyone after the summer. That is a very cool shout out from Julia Leach via GOOP!
    I love what she wrote about your blog. So true!
    Kim xx