Brookside Dreams of Bergdorf Goodman

Is there anything better than Bergdorf Goodman, in general, but especially their Holiday Windows?

Well, yes, I’m sure that I could come up with plenty of far more altruistic and philanthropic things that are “better” than the Holiday Windows at BG.

Perhaps “magical” is a better word.  To me, there is absolutely nothing more magical than taking in every bit of sensory candy that the Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows have to offer.

Unfortunately, thanks to FBC, I won’t be able to visit BG in person during this holiday season, but even via photography, the windows make my heart sing.

Thank you, BG, for this SL that you add to every holiday season!

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  1. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Absolutely love them..the best windows in the world! Thank you for sharing, we may get there this year, but I never tire of them. A feast for the eyes especially for one like me who loves beautiful things from the past.

  2. Merryl says

    I just saw those windows on Sunday when I was in NY and people practically had to shove me out of the way so that i would move on to the next window. Each one was unbelievable and a work of art. There is nothing more fabulous or inspirational than those windows, except for you, beautiful friend!!