Fashion Silver Linings: Tod's Driving Moccasins

How great are Tod’s driving moc’s?  I mean really?  I just love to pudder around in them.

The Husband has several pairs that are coming up on their double-digit birthdays, which is quite impressive.  They wear and wear and wear and seem to only get better with age.

Hmmm….could this be a life philosophy: Getting better with age after wearing and wearing and wearing?  Ohhhh, yes, DEFINITELY.  I think in addition to some retail therapy, we have also found a Silver Lining!

The more colorful the better, which means that this season is a great one!

They are especially meaningful to me because they were a favorite of my dear, beloved mother-in-law. She would never have spent the money on herself, so we loved to give her a gift certificate for her birthday so that she could go in an (spend hours) picking out the perfect pair.

Don’t judge any man (or woman!) until you have walked two moons in his (or her!) moccasins

– Indian Proverb


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