Couch Glue Entertainment

Now that I am 8 days out from my first round of chemotherapy,  I was really hoping that I would be feeling better. It’s been a bear of a week (as you may have endured with me).

One minute, I’ll start to feel better and then WHAM. Down the toilet (pun intended). Seemingly constant waves of nausea.  Persistent headaches. Zero appetite. Incessant fatigue.  Brain fog. Zippo motivation. Bathroom trips (that you’re all too familiar with). Mouth sores (more on that tomorrow). New drugs (Sansuco Patch, Neurontin). Old drugs (Ativan, Zofran).

All that said, I found myself stuck in a patch of couch glue from which I could not move.  It’s a frustrating conundrum when my mind says “C’mon.  Let’s get going!” and my body says, “Absolutely no F-bomb way.”  The Husband keeps telling me that I have to “listen to my body”.  My mind says, “WTF?  I’M in charge.”  Oh, it’s a nasty push-pull going on between my cuckoo mind and my dysfunctional body right now!

To deal with my couch glue situation, I decided to watch one of my favorite movies:  The September Issue.  This film is a documentary by R.J. Cutler about the making of the 5-lb, 2007 September Issue of Vogue, the largest in its history (clearly pre-financial collapse).

The September 2007 Issue of Vogue

I have always been a big fan of Anna Wintour.  She has deftly managed, since 1988, to be a visionary in and for the world of fashion.  She is consistently described as being “tough”.  Why?  If she were a man, would she be described as “tough”?  I wonder (& doubt it). She is the consummate professional who is soley focused on doing her job.  And this she does brilliantly.

I also love her style. She is the epitome of chic and elegance.

So, watching The September Issue was definitely a SL (silver lining) to my day, easily distracting me from my nausea and headache. Andre Leon Talley (Editor at Large) is a gas – or maybe that’s me who’s gassy?  Or Buzz?  Perhaps hilarious is a better word.

Grace Coddington is brilliant.  So adorable as “the only Editor who still dresses the models.”  I sure would love to go to a photo shoot with her one day and watch her work her magic.  See how happily distracted I became?  It’s the little things, those little Silver Linings (SL’s) for which I am so grateful these days!

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  1. Theresa Edwards - So says

    Hi Hollye

    I sent you an email yesterday introducing myself (to, however now reading this post, may I share what has helped me with a solution to my constant nausea … I drink loads of "Ginger Ale" and it has to be the “Schweppes” brand as the other's do not work
    this was a "trick" I learnt whilst being pregnant at 40 for the first time! It works a BOMB for me and hopefully will ease some of your discomfort.

    Whilst one not to share "drug" stories .. so far the only tablet to help with the terrible headaches for me has been one recommended by my oncologist. I will email you this information separately. It’s terribly un-pc to share "drug" stories but perhaps if it is helping me who was living with the headache from hell perhaps something similar could assist you. Another trick my oncologist came up with to assist with the nausea was his explanation that the cortisone given prior to chemo was interfering with my stomach as well as causing more nausea so he put me on a new "kick butt" tablet used for "heartburn". I will also include this information in an email to you. I take one a day and its helped so much …

    My mastectomy was in September (one boob – Stage 2 Cancer)
    I am 4 "red devils" to the wind (Adriamycin/Doxorubicin) – had one every 3 weeks and now go onto a plant/tree extract called Taxol for my next round of chemo – once a week for 12 weeks. Then I will be having radium for 25 days on the go … think of us please …. its 80km from our town to the Cancer Centre so its going to be a long haul! By early May should be over the regime … whoo hoo I can see loads of SIL in this!!! Giggles … (oh I do that allot .. I giggle all the time … It’s so good for the soul!!!)

    In closing thank you once again for letting me read your daily blog and in doing so reading "the life I am also living" in print …. right down to the Buzz, The Husband who is my “rock” and adoring children who indeed are my SIL!

    It's much appreciated.