Fall Film Excitement

As the October issue of Vogue hits the newsstands, I’m reminded of how excited the HOTY and I get about fall films. October seems to begin the time of the year when movies get really good, if not GREAT!

This fall, the film Anna Karenina is coming to theaters. I’m sooooo excited about it!  Between the cast (Kiera Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson)  and the costumes (designed by Jacqueline Durran), I can only imagine how much FUN this date night will be…with a big bag of popcorn in tow, of course (Silver Lining)!

Photography by Mario Testino for Vogue

Mario Testino

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    Hollye, I have read the book, Anna Karenina, a literary classic, and I am sooo.. looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Jaqueline Durran's costumes you show here from Vogue magazine are breath-taking, and Kiera Knightly wears them beautifully!

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    I have been moping around all morning, and usually I am pretty good at de-moping myself, but this morning not so much. Anyhoo—these photos did it for me!? And the prospect of a great film to go see and that my October Vogue is coming soon and that fall is just around the corner and that Kiera Knightly is just so dang pretty!

    So thanks. Wow-such shallow reasons? Well, whatever it takes…..;)

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      Hi Danette…I have perked myself up for MUCH more shallow reasons and find that the end result (being perked up and de-moped!) is absolutely 100% worth it! So, ENJOY!
      PS – How many times have I posted about Vogue. Ummm…just sayin'…