Fashion Fun

This week is New York Fashion Week, which happens to be one of my favorite weeks of the year. As you know, having (and trying to have!) balance is a big part of my life, especially post-FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers). Fashion is so much fun for me (Silver Lining) and balances the seriousness of things like…oh I don’t know.. chemotherapy.

Anyhoo, this week as I’m spending (way too much!) time on and drooling, I’m reminded of and inspired by the fashion icons who remain consistently present, even in our era of instantaneous, you’ll-miss-it-if-you-blink street style.

When I think of iconic women, it seems as if all of them follow these tips for timeless fashion.

Fashion can be fun if you make it so. It is a wonderful opportunity to be playful, creative and individual.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

PS – All images came from Tumblr and Pinterest. If you know to whom I can give credit, please do let me know! 

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  1. Kim C says

    I love the timeless fashion advice, Hollye. I appreciate the balance in your blog. If it were too one sided (the light and the heavy), your blog would be half as good! Even if we are in the "pit of despair" it does us no good to wallow in it. Balance is always good – no matter what!! You are a wonderful and dear example of this!

    • says

      Thanks so much for your note, Kim! I couldn't agree more that one sided doesn't really work…always aiming for balance. Aiming is, of course, the operative word! Thanks, as always, for your comments, Kim!