Fashion SL: Carolina Herrera


The HOTY and I are having a ball at Fashion Week!  Our first stop was the Carolina Herrera show at Lincoln Center.

I am a HUGE fan of Carolina Herrera. Her clothing strikes a beautiful balance between whimsical and serious.  I always feel so great when I get to wear her clothes.

Outside of the shows, cameras are omnipresent!

Anna Wintour on the left and Senator Kristen Gillibrand on the right. Ms. Wintour was already in her seat before the show began. By all accounts, she is very punctual. Every minute before the show began was filled with people photographing her. Note the body guards on either side of them. Wowsy.

Check out the scrum of photographers. Packed in like sardines. What a job. Holy Moly.

During the show, I was as entertained watching other people watch the show as I was watching the show myself!  Case in point: the woman snapping photos with her iPad. So fun!

The end of the show gave me goosebumps. It was so beautiful!

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Herrera last fall and in addition to being stunningly beautiful, I found her to be absolutely charming and warm and kind (Silver Lining).

Below are my favorite Carolina Herrera looks from



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