Fashion SL's: Balenciaga

While in San Francisco for a doctor’s appointment, the HOTY  (a/k/a Husband of the Year) and I went to the de Young museum to see Balenciaga and Spain, an exhibition examining the impact of Spanish culture on the legendary designer.

The exhibition was conceived by Oscar de la Renta (my all-time favorite designer) and curated by Vogue‘s European Editor at large, Hamish Bowles.  The show features more than 70 delicious designs, many of which are as relevant today as when initially conceived.  Come to think of it, I would easily wear 90% of the items on exhibit.

I now know why Cecil Beaton referred to Cristóbal Balenciaga as “Fashion’s Picasso.” It was a goosebump show – that was PACKED.  It always makes me happy to see a museum teeming with people. I loved listening to other people’s reflections (yes, I was eavesdropping).  Praise was everywhere, which was a Silver Lining.

And how’s this for a SL: the HOTY was not only a willing and engaged participant, but he also likened one of the dresses to Courrèges. And he was spot on. And then he told me that he knows how to work a sewing machine.  He never ceases to amaze (and entertain!) me.

If you’re anywhere near San Francisco, please go to this exhibit.  It is delicious eye and mind candy, which happens to be a great antidote for nausea (another SL).

Cristóbal Balenciaga









I can’t begin to describe the joy, relief and excitement of feeling some semblance of humanness, both physically and emotionally.

First of all, I didn’t feel the urge to barf every 10 minutes which was HUGE.  Being at this beautiful exhibit, among gobs of people, brought me a great sense of happiness.  I felt an emotional connectedness and sense of normalcy that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. Now THAT’S what I call a Silver Lining!

You have to be in love with life.

– Oscar de la Renta

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  1. E.B. says

    Oh, my! Just saw this post, so beautiful! The fourth picture down, Balenciaga_01, reminded me of my beautiful Mom all dressed up and smelling delicious, ready for a night on the town with my Dad, equally handsome in his evening wear. Thank you for the sweet memory!