Fashion SL's: Dresses

I love dresses.  I mean I really love them.  I find them to be so easy.

A dress is a complete outfit – instantly.  I especially love dresses in a fabric with interesting prints. This is probably the case because during my recent scarf-wearing days, I found it challenging (impossible, actually) to wear prints because they conflicted with my bald head attire.

However, now I am able to wear said dresses to detract attention from the strange pattern of my hair growth (that is NOT a complaint, by the way!).

Speaking of which, my budding hair looks like a baby chick’s fur on the side of my head, just above my ears (literally the whispy strands stand out sideways).  The back of my head looks like a cyclone. Literally. One big circle. Quite the site.  Again, NOT a complaint. More like entertainment.


Baby Chick fur that looks a whole lot like my new hair growth!


I diverge.  Back to dresses. They make me feel pretty, put together and feminine. When I worked for Ralph Lauren, I loved selling dresses because they easily relieved the nerves of a buyer who fretted over putting an outfit together. A dress is the piece to literally put on and walk out the door.

Below are my favorite dresses, both patterned and solid, from the Pre-fall and Fall 2011 Collections.


Erdem. I like wearing what could be perceived as evening dresses for daytime by adding a cardigan and a belt.


Tory Burch. So easy to throw on! Not sure about the look below the knees, though.


J. Crew. I would wear this with fun jewelry and a multi color shoe. Either flat or tippy (high heeled).


Jil Sander. This looks a little tent-esque on the runway. I'd wear it with my mother-in-law's wide black alligator belt.


I am loving Talbots for fall. The leopard print is fabulous! Great with camel, black or even a red.


Oscar de la Renta camel dress. I love camel. Period. I also love how the sleeves on this dress go down to the elbows.


Carolina Herrera. I love any and all Carolina. In fact, I hold her (happily) responsible for my white shirt addiction. I mean affinity.


Oscar de la Renta. Again. What can I say? He does no wrong!


Another J.Crew easy peasy dress. No thought required!


Derek Lam. It's pink. Need I say more?


So, there you have my dress wish list for the upcoming season…and now you know about my not-so-secret love of dresses!




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    I'm confused. "I'm loving Talbot's for fall?" I thought Debby told me I was never allowed to go back to Talbot's or Ann Taylor! :)

    Missing you but having a great time in Michigan. Will get requested photo before I leave!


  2. Kim says

    Love the baby chick look! The dresses are beautiful! Love the camel.
    Thought I'd share my funny fashion sense while going through cancer treatment. I too sported the wonderful baldness, as well as, a pic line in my upper arm, iliostomy bag, and swollen abdominal surgical sites from infection. Now, what to wear?? (not that I really wanted to go anywhere at that time). I eventually honed my look down to high waisted, wide legged and loosely fitted pants, loosely fitted silk camisoles and several of those beautiful, big, long and drapey sweaters – so in style at the moment. I became so religious about the look, that my husband referred to it as my Uniform. Now that I'm finished treatment, I still feel the most comfortable and secure in the Uniform. I may very well be the only one on the west coast who's enjoying this cool summer weather…. because it means I can still wear my drapy sweaters.