Fashion SL's: Gingham

As summer approaches, I find myself dreaming of gingham.  The earliest memory I have of gingham is of my dear aunt Maggie in her blue & white gingham blouse.  ….and green and white decor in her family room.

Gingham fabric first appeared in the 17th century in Manchester, England. It was originally striped, but later was made into a checked pattern. There is some disagreement about where the word gingham came from: Italy? Malaysia? Indonesia? What all the possible roots have in common is that they all mean “striped.” And cuteness.

Gingham shirts were also popularized by the mod movements since the 1960s and continue to be linked with indie and mod music. So, is not just for the preppy among us!

Humor me, will you?


Finally Five's desk chair skirt


Adidas Women's Superstar 2 Gingham Sneaker. Seriously. How adorable are these?


Audrey Hepburn in Gingham


Though this is a Brooks Brother's men's shirt, I had one exactly like it in the 8th grade. And wore it as often as humanly possible!




Gingham Converse. How fabulous are these? Really.


Martha Stewart


LOVE the fabulous new company, Chance Co.


Gingham AND a monogram? Yippeee! La Plates is a wonderful website for personalized entertaining.


Finally Five in her Papo D'anjo Pants. Love these. Good thing is that she does, too!


LOVE the gingham on the CEILING! Coastal Living


Christian Louboutin flats. These are my favorite new shoes. A matching head scarf would be a little much, no?


Martha Stewart


Chanel Resort 2011


Elle Decor


Dolce and Gabana Spring 2011


House Beautiful


J.Crew "perfect shirt"


Musings in Feminity


Vintage 1960s Dress Gingham Ribbon Lolita Dolly Lace Doily, Etsy


The Selby


Jacqueline Kennedy in Gingham


Gingham is like a solid with a lot of personality.

– Isaac Mizrahi


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  1. Pierrat says

    I am curious about the Audrey Hepburn picture
    Where does it come from? I’d really be interested to know.
    Best regards,

    • says

      HI Catherine, Thanks so much for your comment. I found the image on Pinterest…and unfortunately there was/is no photographer credit that I could find. If you happen to know who took the photo, I'd sure appreciate it so that I can give credit. Thank you, again!

  2. Jennifer Spoonts says

    I love this post on gingham as it is one of my favorite patterns as well. Gingham puts a smile on my face !

  3. Kim says

    Love the gingham. It's both nostalgic & new. So summertime, wholesome, and cheerful. Very comprehensive post of pictures. I have gingham patterned rubber boots for gardening and they give me lift whenever I slip them on.
    Thanks again, Hollye!

  4. Carol Harrington Riv says

    Maybe that's why Maggie adored Gingham so very much….. they were both "solid with a lot of personality". To this very day, I am always pulled towards anything Gingham, as well as anything GREEN. Not to mention – red, pink, blue and yellow. It must be in the genes!!!

    Happy Memorial Day to you and the family ~ the beginning of a very happy and healthy rest of your life!! 🙂