Fashion Silver Linings: Lyn Devon

As I am still couch glue, I am envisioning the fun that spring fashion that has to offer, especially from Lyn Devon ( The quote above reminds me of her.

Lyn is one of my favorite designers.  We had the opportunity to meet at a dinner in Chicago to celebrate James Galanos’s mentorship of her.  By some extraordinarily divine intervention, I had the opportunity to sit next to “Jimmy” (as he calls himself).  He talked nonstop about Lyn saying, among other things, “Lyn is the next big designer.”  Well, after working with her for 3+ seasons, I couldn’t agree more.

Not only is she talented, but she is so cooooooool and really, really smart.

Born and raised in New York, Lyn received her degree at Brown University and went on to study at Parsons.  She then went on to design women’s ready to wear for Ralph Lauren. While there, she began designing and producing custom clothing out of her living room for a small private clientele.  This allowed her to cultivate her design philosophy with a unique approach that brings the customer’s needs to the forefront of her creative process. I always feel cute in Lyn Devon.  No matter what.

In addition to being amazingly talented, Lyn is also incredibly kind and philanthropic, always thinking about others. She consistently gives (and gives and gives) to Dream Foundation, the first and largest national non-profit focused on fulfilling the dreams of adults facing life-limiting illness (

Lyn is a master at combining timeless elegance with a bold and spirited perspective. She’s getting tons of great press right now, understandably (  Her clothes are chic, wearable, accessible…and a Silver Lining to my Spring Dreaming!

WWD said of her Spring 2011 collection:

Considering fashion’s current mood for modern classics, Lyn Devon’s particular brand of tony American sportswear is as trendy as nontrendy clothes can be right now. But great timing is almost beside the point. Devon is a rare case of a young designer specializing in grown-up, flash-free clothes, and unlike many of her peers, she doesn’t seem tempted to veer from what she knows [which is] translated into a steady, smart lineup and spring is no exception.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her Spring 2011 Collection:

Suiting that is soft, comfortable and so wearable!

Quite possibly the yummiest, happiest dress. The bottom is all pleated, perfectly.

This shirt is the most supple and divine LEATHER.

The most cheerful butterfly print. I ordered it in the dress version.

An amazing Trench Dress.

Hope you all have a fun, fashionable and SL’d day!

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  1. Lorena says

    Hollye, You have the grace and sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O all wrapped up into one yummy package of joy and love!!