Fashion SL's: Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier shoes are enchanting.  I find that Roger Vivier shoes are all about design AND function.  Well, except for the skyscraper heels that I call “Tippy’s”!  Those…not so much for me, the girl who will fall off of her flats!

The beautiful buckles always beckon me. I don’t know what it is…well, truth be told, it might be that I grew up in the era of Pappagallo, when it was very chic (to an aspiring preppy girl) to put an accessory on the front of one’s shoe.

Anyway, back to Roger Vivier. The store on Rue St. Honore in Paris is divine.  I also love shopping at the boutique on Madison Avenue in New York. Dreamy.

I recently had the opportunity to purchase the following vintage Roger Vivier Shoe Motif Paper on Board Collage, all signed: Roger Vivier. I’m so excited to frame them and hang them in my closet.

And for resort 2011, I will be wearing these cuties.  They will certainly perk up my chemotherapy infusions, don’t you think?

Roger Vivier Ballerine Gomma Camouflage Print

Nothing like a little Retail SL (Silver Lining) Therapy to make the chem0-filled days pass!

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  1. Elisabeth Brookover says

    Hollye, so pleased to hear that you are taking full advantage of Retail Therapy! I've been reading your blog every morning and it's truly inspirational–lots of laughs along with the tears. Thanks again for sharing your brave journey.

  2. diane says

    Oh, yeah, the retail therapy is very, very important….love the collages, and the actual shoes will make you smile as you get your treatment! They are diVINE!!!

  3. Nan and Hilary Jacob says

    Wow, love those Vivier prints..awesome being signed! Used to sell ephemera items like that in our antique biz day. The shoes are so cute….yep lived in Pappagallo flats back in the day being taller than the boys! You work those shoes honey!

  4. Jill Nida says

    I love these prints. What a great idea to hang them in your closet! You must have a LARGE closet to have room to hang prints – YEAH! Love to you, Jill