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Last week in Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to attend a trunk show for a new shoe company called The Office of Angela Scott. Oh my goodness am I ever smitten.  I have always had an affinity for shoes (ok, an obsession!). And can I just say that Angela Scott’s shoes are heavenly!

Angela is an adorable, funny, smart and kind person who smiles easily and beautifully.  She’s the kind of person with whom you just want to sit down on a couch with a glass of champagne and gab…while trying on shoes, of course.

She describes The Office of Angela Scott as “an edgy yet refined brand for women who appreciate grace and glamour with an avant-garde twist.”  Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Angela’s style developed from “four corners”: strength, love, fashion, and character. She was lovingly influenced by her dear grandfather (who died when she was very young).

Angela holds the manufacture of shoes to a higher standard.  “Every individual shoe is bench-made. A single cobbler personally crafts every shoe from start to finish. It takes time, skill, and patient devotion to detail, the kind of time, skill, and devotion that only the bench-making process can provide.”

To learn more about Angela, she graciously offered to answer some questions. You can also visit her at: She is a visionary and I look forward to watching her Silver Linings shine!


What inspires you?
I am inspired by creativity, culture, passion, music, dance, individuality, family, friends and craftsmanship.

Why footwear?
I have been surrounded by footwear my whole life and was inspired at an early age by my grandfather who wore bespoke footwear. His style and grace made a huge impression on me and the integrity, craftsmanship and quality behind the collection is my ode to him and my way of passing on his spirit.

What is your favorite shoe?
Oh that’s an unfair question, I don’t have a favorite shoe. Each shoe has a memory for me, whether it’s a time or a place or a feeling….so each are my favorite in that moment.

A sneak peak of Spring 2012!


What makes your company special?

With so many things available at every price point in every color of every sort, I am reminded of the importance and the integrity behind that which is authentic. As a designer I believe in creating not for the sake of the quantity but rather the authenticity and the quality. I wish I could turn back time when a city was filled with true craftsman that worked with their hands rather than machines and a time when the community supported that craftsman. When a butcher and a cobbler would trade amongst each other to help sustain each others business. When product was made for the love of the craft and many times out of necessity rather than trend or just pure consumption. I believe we all have the ability to support one another and I believe as a creative and an artist, we have a choice to be authentic and build with passion and love and truth. The Office of Angela Scott footwear collection is benchmade, meaning that a cobbler is constructing each aspect of the shoe by hand. The shoes are not produced in an assembly line and are made by cobblers that are true artisans. I believe that this makes The Office of Angela Scott not only special but unique in a time where the art of craftsmanship is being overshadowed by mass production.



Every pair of shoes is handmade. How cool is that?


Describe a joyful moment in your life.

I’m truly such a happy go lucky person that most moments in life are pretty joyful for me. Showing my collection for the first time to my husband, my family and my business partner was definitely the most recent joyful moment and hearing the responses from clients and vendors over the quality of the collection makes me extremely proud and grateful.



Joyful boots!


What is your favorite word? Amuse bouche, partly because I LOVE food in little bites and partly because it just rolls off the tongue so fabulously!

What music is on your playlist? Well this moment I have Queen, Coldplay, Adele, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West & Bob Dylan on rotation.

Describe your personal style. I guess my style encompasses a bit of an edgy british school boy with a feminine twist.
A talent you wish you had? I wish I had a voice. I am a total music junkie and think it would be just amazing to provide such memories with your voice, what a special talent.

What is your favorite color? Vachetta Tan

What’s something that gets in the way of your creativity and how do you move through it?
Creativity happens everyday for me as I am inspired by moments in life but when I get too wrapped up in computer work or catch myself spending days trapped in my office, the creative flow can get a bit stifled. It’s a careful balance at this stage in the company as I want to be involved in every aspect of the business…but I have to remember to step outside and go for a run or take a drive so I don’t loose that creative spirit.

What is something about you that would surprise us?
I am a teenage girl at heart. I love pop music and am like a walking radio when it comes to all of the latest pop records.

Sending out orders for Fall from The Office of Angela Scott warehouse in Santa Barbara.









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