Fashion SL's: Vogue

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Fashion post. Fortunately, gone are the days of intentional dressing for my chemo and radiation appointments (Silver Lining!). However, I still wholeheartedly believe that when I get dressed every morning, I have the opportunity to choose an outfit that makes me feel strong and confident while simultaneously allowing me to have fun with and enjoy fashion.

My fashion enthusiasm was ignited when I saw this week’s release of Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of the August issue of Vogue.

Please be patient with me when I admit that I’m still a huge fan of good old-fashioned magazines. I’ve tried (time & time again!) to read magazines online and the experience just doesn’t work for me.  My concentration and interest go out the window without the full sensory experience of reading a hard copy magazine, a/k/a “book”.

I know it’s not PC of me or the best environmental decision that I could make (can my love and purchase of tangible magazines be balanced by the fact that I am writing by candlelight?).  However, I will look for the Silver Lining which is the fact that I do make daily decisions about the way I live and comport myself that DO benefit the environment.

Onto this month’s Vogue. I’ve always been a fan of SJP.  I think she is not only talented, but also (and more importantly!) a class act. Anyone I know who has met her or been around her reports that she has impeccable manners and is kind to all.  I actually met her briefly in the hosiery department of Bergdorf’s a long, long time ago. It wasn’t a glamourous meeting, but what impressed me most about the encounter was how she treated our salesperson: with respect and kindness.  Couldn’t have been sweeter.

Though the entire article and interview by Eve MacSweeney can be read on, I admit that I’m going to wait to read it until I have the magazine in-hand which will certainly be a Silver Lining to my day!



Chanel yellow suit and Manolo Blahnik suede pumps


SJP in Bottega Veneta bronze ball gown with a Suzanne Couture Millinery head piece and Matthew Broderick in Ralph Lauren Black Label


Marc Jacobs top and skirt


Oscar de la Renta (in my favorite polka dots!)


When a woman falls in love with something so much that she wants to wear it – it is at that point that it becomes fashion.

– Oscar de la Renta


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  1. Kim says

    Oh yes, I agree that a hard copy is so tangible and can be read anywhere and it just feels so good to get comfy and curl up and read to our hearts content. I have to admit that I still have subscriptions to Canadian House & Home and Elle Decor. I look so forward to them coming in the mail and usually set aside some special time for myself to indulge. It's time just for me! It's nice to hear SJP is a good person. It certainly seems reflected on the screen and from what we read (in magazines:) hee hee. I wonder what her real home looks like. These photos seem to be taken in several different locations. & yup, we can recycle.

  2. Kathi says

    Thank you for this beautiful post! I'm a big fan of SJP and it's nice to hear she's as good a person in 'real life' as she appears to be on screen. As a hard-core enviro myself, I freely admit that I'm also of the opinion that there's no substitute for an actual magazine. And we're only one month away from those magnificent September issues! (Don't forget to recycle, hehe.)