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I’m super honored to have been asked to be a guest curator on Kirtsy!

In case you are unfamiliar with it, I’m very excited to introduce you to the site!  Kirtsy is just like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better. How’s that for a Silver Lining?

Four years ago, three friends started Kirtsy to share the interesting things happening on the internet. Initially a content aggregator, the site became a place where people could share their stories. The Kirtsy community continued to grow…with a bookconferences, and more conferences, art exhibits, education programs, and 30 editors curating the best of what the web had to offer. Everyday, they have a new slideshow curated by some of the most interesting people online (see what I mean about feeling “honored” to have been included?!?).

It’s a beautiful site and I’m giddy to have been asked to be today’s curator!

Image from Vogue


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