Hello, World!


You all know how much I loooooove J.Crew, right?  Well, I love J.Crew even more (I didn’t think that was possible!) thanks to their new campaign, Hello, World!

Hello, World! is a world-wide campaign launched in conjunction with their newly expanded global presence (now available in over 100 countries!).

To kick off this exciting news, J.Crew sent bloggers, photographers and real-life couple Garance Doré and Scott Schuman on an adventure to capture some stylish trendsetters around the world. Jenna Lyons, President & Creative Director said, “Scott and Garance have had an incredible impact on style and fashion inspiring people everywhere.  We couldn’t think of better storytellers to capture the way the world is wearing J.Crew.”

For the inaugural installment of “Hello, World!” the feature highlights style blogger and owner of boutique, Liger, Hilary Tsui; founder of Hong Kong-based magazine Milk, TK Mak; photographer and fashion blogger, Berta Bernad; founder of online interview magazine The Talks, Sven Schumann; and Popeye’s Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Takahiro Kinoshita.

Coming soon, J.Crew.com says, are some friends from the UK, France, Italy and Australia (Silver Lining). Hope that you enjoy this global initiative as much as I am!

Berta Bernad, Madrid, Spain

Takahiro Kinoshita, Tokyo, Japan

Hilary Tsu, Hong Kong

TK, Hong Kong

Sven Schumann, Berlin, Germany

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