More Fashion Week Fun with Lyn Devon

Fashion week is serious fun. I just love it. I really do.

One of my favorite stops whilst in New York was to see Lyn Devon’s Fall Collection. I’ve written about Lyn on TSP before. She is one of my absolute favorite designers. Lyn has a unique and extraordinarily special way of reinventing classics. Her clothing is classic yet cool. Playful yet serious. Always beautiful. This season, however, is – I believe – her best yet. Oh. My. Goodness.

I practically dove into everything in the showroom and it was all I could do to not walk out with EVERY PIECE. Too bad my bag wasn’t bigger because, believe me, I would have tried!

Lyn’s inspiration for the collection is a New York love story drawing upon the romance of the city in the 40s and 50s. It was a glossy, giddy era when people would dress up just to go to the movies or to walk down the street hand in hand. I LOVE this image and happen to have the  same philosophy of dressing up.

Speaking of which, why don’t people dress up anymore? Why is slouchy seemingly better? I just don’t understand that. I have a feeling that Lyn’s new collection will inspire people to dress, if even just a little bit.

Below are a couple of images of our play time in the showroom.

Below are my favorite looks from the collection. Wowsy. Bowsy.



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  1. MaryAnn Miller says

    I lived through the 40's and the 50"s and the slacks were not that short. In fact when we saw someone with short slacks like that we call the slacks "high-waters" and knew the person wearing them had out grown them and needed to get new ones. That length cuts your leg, and it doesn't look pleasant.

    • says

      I remember "high-waters" very well. You're so right that it was having "high-waters" meant that we needed to get new pants. Living in California, I have a tendency to wear them with frequency. Hoping that I don't look too unpleasant. Thanks so much for your comment, Mary Ann!